Greetings! I’m your friend, Autumn Barnett. Sincerely, Your Friend is a blog about being an advocate for love, health, mindfulness, and equality in a rather casual way. I’ll post about what I’ve been thinking, eating, what I’ve heard and my reactions, as well as reviews of products and many more subjects. You’ll find that I stand for equality in the aspect of both animal and human lives, everything I eat is considered vegan, and that I get very passionate about the subjects that concern me. Having dealt with a handful of mental disorders (my main one being anxiety), I’ll also talk about mental disorder related topics too.

I’m always open to new perspectives! If you see something a different way or even if you want to just tell me your story, I’ll listen to you! I’d like to think that I’m very open minded and if I do offend you, please let me know so I can do what’s possible to fix it. I don’t intend to hurt anyone through what I post, merely enlighten from my perspective. However, miscommunication happens all the time so please let me know if there’s ever a problem.

Love and peace.